Xanadu Dreams

The moss-like ground cover in the Sherwood Forest, located in the southern part of the Xanadu Quadrant on Enya, mankind’s first interstellar colony, possessed a curious power—a power first discovered by the 11-year old daughter of the colony’s leader, in Book 2 of the Enya Chronicles: Cheyenne Dawn. The highly addictive hallucinogenic could be eaten, smoked or injected without diluting its erotic effects. Only the most resilient of colonists could resist its debilitating allure. Unfortunately, there weren’t many colonists who were strong enough to resist it’s temptation. Can the colony overcome the loss of so many of its people to the drug named Xanadu Dreams? Progress on the new planet had slowed to a crawl and the negative effects of the naturally occurring drug were beginning to approach a point of no return. It was time for radical action, but who would find a solution? Was there a solution at all? Find out in Book 4 of the Enya Chronicles: Xanadu Dreams.