He had been experimenting with the hallucinogenic and highly addictive drug Xanadu Dreams, experiments that were illegal and most unwise. Xanadu Dreams had almost destroyed mankind’s first interstellar colony on the planet Enya and the laws were quite clear on the matter: use Xanadu Dreams for any reason and the penalty was a quick trip to Elba, the island of banishment off the southeastern coast of East Farthing, with only enough food for three months and a minimum of tools to create shelter. No one ever escaped from Elba, the turbulent waters of the Barrier Reach and the deadly Grim Reapers which inhabited the Calamity Sea surrounding Elba made sure of that. But what he discovered just might prevent him from being banished. What he discovered just might make him one of the most famous humans in history. What he discovered just might be the most important human development since taming fire. What was the discovery? How could it make him famous? Find out in Book 6 of the Enya Chronicles: Serendipity.