Once a Ranger

Enya, mankind’s first interstellar colony, was maturing. There were dozens and dozens of cities now, a thriving economy, with trade goods and people moving from and to each of the four quadrants (except, of course, the Black Death Land jungles of East Farthing). Unfortunately, along with this prosperity came crime. However, along with the problem came a solution: the Enya Rangers. They were a combination of Municipal Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scotland Yard and Federal Marshals of long-ago Earth. An Enya Ranger had carte blanche on Enya. Acceptance into Ranger School was the dream of every young person on Enya, it brought with it a singular honor and tremendous responsibility along with almost unbridled power. There were always exactly 1,111 Rangers on active duty. Wolphbayne Stryker had dreamed of becoming one of them since he could remember. But that decision was in the hands of The Marshal, the highest-ranking Enya Ranger and the one who chooses between the wanted and the unwanted. What does The Marshal decide? Is Wolphbayne selected, or not? What is Wolphbayne’s life like after The Marshal makes his decision? Find out in Book 8 of the Enya Chronicles: Once a Ranger.