A Girl Named Friday

Friday Lyn Lovett was a First Born on the planet Enya—mankind’s first interstellar colony—a status which bestowed on her immense influence and prestige. The measures taken by Friday’s older sister, Cheyenne Dawn Lovett-Rockwell, had overcome the disaster caused by the hallucinogenic drug Xanadu Dreams. But disaster was still everywhere she looked. Progress had come to a halt, crops were dying in the fields and the herds of animals from which the colonists got a majority of their protein were running wild. Someone had to stand up and fix the broken colony. Would it be Friday Lyn? Or would it be her sister, Cheyenne Dawn, who would once again drape the mantle of savior over her shoulders? Could there be another First Born waiting in the weeds to step in and tackle the almost-impossible task? Find out in Book 5 of the Enya Chronicles: A Girl Named Friday.